Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Weekend of Buying Lots of Pointless Things

Okay, kids, we're two weeks into school... so why do I feel like we're 8 weeks in!? Really, I'm pooped.  I had a conversation with my dad, and he told me that I shouldn't be doing so much... and I kind of agree.  I guess I've been going a little overboard.

But the past two days I've been good.  I've got all the homework I need to do before Monday done (except one... that one doesn't count.) And I've been sleeping up a storm.  I also have watched a TON of anime on Hulu while zombie-ing out.

Today, I made a weeks supply of chicken nuggets, and then we went to help a friend find a stuffed bird, among other things, for a project.

Well, our search let us to JoAnne's, and I had to buy things. Okay, I spent $20 on yarn, a reusable bag, a chocolate orange, and this wonder:

Here's a close-up of how it's supposed to be used.

I don't know if I'm strange, but if I was a child this would completely terrify me. If I opened my backpack and saw my earaser and glue looking up at me I would FLIP OUT.  I came to this realization after giving some things in my life faces.  Now I'm a little scared.


I hope Lotus isn't freaked out by her cat grass having a face! :O Anyway, I still have a ton of stickers left and nothing to put them on. I'm thinking of maybe placing them in random interesting locations around campus... but if anyone wants them, drop me a line and I'll send them out :)


I also bought something very silly: Pillsbury cookies. They also have faces. And tasted horrible.  Thankfully, they were on sale... if I had paid more than $1.50 for them I would be disappointed. I remember loving these kind of cookies when I was a kid - now, I realize that nothing beats a homemade cookie!

Oh, yarn... oh, knitting! Right.  Here's what I bought.


JoAnne Sensations was on sale, buy one get one 50% off.  That was pretty sweet! The color reminds me of my mom... maybe she'll get some socks for Christmas (snort! Yeah right!)
I also bought them because I would like to have a project to blog about.  I'm not sure about the blogability of my current design venture (as soon as I know, you will, trust me :) ) and the next knit in line is NOT blogable, which will be hard.  So, I'd like to have SOMETHING to talk about.


  1. Those stickers are shiny! If you're sending them out for free I'll happily take some off your hands ;D

    For sadly I am a very poor college student. Sticking them randomly across campus would be rather funny too. If you do you should post pictures!

  2. Those stickers are hysterical! I love the idea of sticking faces on regular 'stuff'.
    The yarn is a really nice color too - funny it reminds you of your mom! can't wait to see more socks.

  3. i love the stickers. so cute!


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