Friday, September 24, 2010

Thinking, Knitting, Blogging

I've recently been thinking about blogging... specifically, how to make my blog better.  What makes a good knitting blog? Obviously, there's no rubric out there, so how do you judge?

What makes you follow a blog? Any blog - not just knitting - will work, but since I'm trying to blog about my WIPs and designs, knitting-related blogs would be appreciated :)

I have a huge blog roll, and I see a lot of similarities between the blogs I follow.  As I'm getting busier and busier with school, I've noticed that I'm unsubscribing to more blogs than I'm subscribing to! I have reasons, I swear! I think...


  1. Humm. I dunno if I'm understanding the question or if there is a question, but I really like seeing others' creative process. WIPS are my fave, with pictures. as well as FOs. I like to be shown where to get yarn, really yummy yarn, and yarn at a sweet price. :)

  2. That's the right answer :D I love WIPs, and I love seeing things that are what I consider "daring" colorwork, lace, etc...

  3. Pictures, definitely pictures... and people that speak intelligently. Who enjoy what they're blogging about. Word choice is always a strong indicator of whether or not I'll be following someone.


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