Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Post Full of Hedgehogs

To recap: This is what we added to Lotus's cage a couple of nights ago.


And here are all of the cute pictures of her playing around in it!


I especially like these two. Can you find the hedgie?

I would totally recommend doing this.  It's was relatively cheap, (the plastic fishbowl was only $1.50, the bedding was kind of expensive but we will probably use shredded paper in the future) and Lotus is so happy about it!

Worth the money? I'd like to hear your opinion!
Plus, we have been having some sanitary problems (we don't use a litter box, the cage is just too small) with Lotus ending up sleeping in her own business! Nobody wants that for their hedgehog, and we change the paper in her cage every day, but she just does a lot of  ... business. Now, where she sleeps is completely different from where she goes to the bathroom, so we won't have that problem!

The downside of the whole thing is, if she goes in, we have to wait for her to come out! I guess if we really needed her, we could take the beddign out and "dump" her out... but that would make a rather angry hedgehog.  We're developing a way to lure her out involving meal worms... we'll see.

Lotus's new floor plan

Anyway, this was definitely my crafty thing of the week (though, I admit, it was mostly W's idea.)



  1. D'awww Lotus! She looks so happy in her new play place. The layout to her cage looks quite nice =3

  2. AWWWWW! Hi Lotus! It's like a very cute version of Where's Waldo!


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