Thursday, September 30, 2010

Borneo Test Knit - Carla

I absolutely love, love, love Carla's Borneo :)

What do you think? Adorable? YES.

Carla is known as OkamiShoujo on Ravelry, and her project page is here. You should definitely check out Carla's blog, Tiny.Angry.Crafter, which is an awesome read, and her etsy shop, Tiny Angry Crafts! :)

The photos are taken by her, pattern by yours truly!

Oh, about the pattern... It is now up and ready for sale! You can buy it from for US$2.50! This is my first for-sale pattern, and I'm super, super excited to bring it to you.  I can't wait to see people make my doll :)

If you'd like to buy Borneo, you can click here or follow the link below!



  1. <3
    Brb, d'awwing. Thanks hun! Like I said before I really enjoyed knitting up Borneo for ya! Little Hoot is loitering on a wig head, waiting to go live with my friend :3

  2. These are so cute! :>)
    Cute little owlets!

  3. I'm sorry I never knitted the test knit for you. I just got my computer hooked up yesterday and saw that the pattern I had gotten from Ravelry was missing the actual pattern page, and this is the first chance I've gotten Internet access to let you know about it. :(


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