Sunday, August 15, 2010


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This week has been crazy.  No W. No Lotus. Not a lot of time to knit or blog between OT and packing! I'm a little worried that my apartment isn't going to be moved out by the end of next week. I'm a little worried that I'm going to lose everything in the move, and not have time to find it all! I'm a little amazed by all of the crap that I have.  I went through all my clothes (which was crazy! I have so much!) and those were easy to get together to take to goodwill.  All my books... I dunno.  Those are going to go into storage I think.

And my knitting... well, packing away the stash was easy.  It's already in a bin! The funny thing was all the little balls and stray skeins that I squirreled away. A tiny ball of stray yarn beneath the sofa, two or three skeins packed into an end table drawer... it was madness!

Hopefully I can finish this week off with a bang.  I have no worries about work, it's just getting packed up and keeping on schedule! That will be the challenge.  Food needs to be cooked (and eaten), herbs need to be harvested, dishes packed, narwhals sewed, and a thousand other things that need to be done!

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But, I do have good news! I got some gorgeous yarn at a festival yesterday! It's suri alpaca from a local farm (Well, local to W, not to me!) and it's a super deliciously soft.  I wanted to make a shawlette, but there's only 100 yards... so perhaps a ciof.  What do you think? Does anyone have any patterns for neckwarmers that are less than 100 yards?


  1. Remind me not to move - EVER. Okay, I can move if I can knit up the ol' stash (like that will ever happen).

  2. Thanks for your comment Kelly! If you ever need to get rid of yarn, my place is open! ;)

    Hopefully when college is over I'll get to settle down and not have to move twice a year! (at least...)


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