Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Happy belated holidays, Internet Land.

Things have not been going too well here. I haven't had a good Christmas, and the socks haven't gone well. I really messed up on the pattern, and I don't like it at all. Doubt I'll make another.

Ah well! Back to doing what I do best, and that's dolls, right? ^_^;

Wishing you a most merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


That's the sound made by my scholastic entry: White sheepie! I'm also going to make a black sheepie soon, too! Above is visible my dear friend Liza hugging the alleged sheepie. (Don't tell her, but she's getting one for graduation, hehe!)

This little baby is soooo cute, and huggable! I'm seriously considering adding them to the etsy shop when it goes lie in early april. I'm gunna be making a crappyload, yay! Stay tuned for more updates.
On the docket are two sock patterns and the whimsie I'm currently working on. I think I'll post them up here, since they'll be sooo cute! The one I want to do next I have the yarn for (it was gifed, I have no idea of the contents or brand or anything, but it's super thin. . .). And it has fish! Oh the insanity.

Hope you are all doing well on the internet, keeping alive, at least. Work hard on those Christmas Presents!

Monday, December 17, 2007


Well, my new design flopped, totally, royally. . . but I'll try again!

Right now, I'm working on more and more things for scholastic. I've got a design for a plush pair of sheep and a draftblocker that needs to be filled with sand. Other then that, I've been looking at Christmas gifts and revising my list of wanta-books. Amazon is the bestest ever, really and truly.

So, without further ado, I present to you my Amazon want-list, hehe.

Toilet Roll Covers may not seem like much, but they look so cute! And only seven dollars, too. . . what a steaaaalll. I love the piggy thingy on the cover.
World of Knitted Toys My Mommy actually bought me this. . . but I haven't opened it *sweat sweat.* It's verbotin until Christmas, wah!
Modular Knitting Not really amigurumi-related, but it attracts my interst. . . hmmmmm.
Knitting Little Luxuries I really want this! Really, really, really. . . my dad was supposed to buy it for me, but he lied XD It looks so cute! Uwahhhh. Once I buy the book, I'm gunna join the knitalong. Totally.

Um, anyway. . . That's all that. I've also eyed a book at my local Michael's about creative knitting, where a woman knit a screen door. What house wouldn'tbe complete without one!?

So that's things in my world. I'm dreaming about books and bamboo yarn.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'll drop a hint!

So, I'm a little disappointed because the pattern that I've been working on developing hasn't come out quite right. I worked the hat up to the brim, tested it out, then unravelled it. It just didn't look right, I guess! In hindsight, I guess I should have at least taken a picture or some measurements. . . but I can't really talk about it now! I want it to get into Knitty! XD Don't tempt me, internet people!

Today, I also went to the Yarn Shop in my city (there is only one.) It was AMAZING. My previous experiences with LYS(s?) have been previously tainted by old ladies telling me that I hadn't been knitting long enough to think up my own stitch pattern. What horrible memories! The only good part is, haha, if only they could see me now :3

Anyway, the place was called "Malley's In the Yarn," and I fell in love with it as soon as my friends and I pulled into the lot. If your'e ever in the Elmira, NY area. . . check it out, really and truly! I'm in love with the place.

Um, yeah. You guys probably don't want to listen to me mabble. Sorry about that! If it'll entice you into reading my blog the next time I post, I'm also working on another food-oriented doll. I'm super busy right now, with Scholastics around the corner. . .

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Another Ami Present

I thought I'd make up for my absence by posting the finished product of a few WEEKS of labor! *Yes, actually, I work hard on my patterns.* This little guy had been lost for a good few months, but I recreated him and now here's the pattern. You internet people take good care of it, and make sure I don't lose it again, ok? ;)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Magic Snowfall Gloves

Well, hm, yes, I finished the gloves just in time to slip them in the coffin this morning, so I'm happy about that. Sadly, I don't have any pictures (I had left my camera at my Dad's house, spent the night at my Mom's. . . confusion ensued.)

My mom requested a pair, though, so I'm going to make those for her. When I do, I'll add a picture to this pattern. In the meantime, if anyone wants to help me out and knit up a pair, I'd be eternally grateful ;)

Note that these gloves are to be made in women's sizes. . . i.e, for those with small hands.

Magic Snowfall Gloves

Snowfall Pattern:
Row 1: *K2, P2, K4, P2, K2* Repeat.
Row 2: *K1, P4, K2, P4, K1* Repeat.
Row 3: *K2, P2, K4, P2, K2* Repeat.
Rows 4-5: K. Row 6: *P1, K4, P2, K4, P1* Repeat.
Row 7: *P2, K2, P4, K2, P2* Repeat.
Row 8: *P1, K4, P2, K4, P1* Repeat.
Rows 9-10: K.

Cloud Rim Pattern:
Row 1: K
Row 2: *P2, K5, P2.* Repeat across row.
Row 3: *P3, K3, P3.* Repeat across row.
Row 4: *P4, K1, P4.* Repeat!
Row 5: P

Thumb:Using a figure 8 CO, CO 12 sts onto the needles. Divide and join the stitches and K until two and a half inches long. To finish, cut the yarn and slip the active stitches onto the tail. Make two.

Glove: Using a figure 8 CO, CO 24. Join and divide stitches 6-6-12. K1 round. On the second round, Kfb the first and last stitches on each needle. Repeat this for two rounds, until there are 36 stitches on the needle.
Begin Snowfall Pattern. Work the pattern twice, then work rows 1-5 of the pattern.
Work Cloud Rim pattern.
P 1 row, dividing stitches evenly between two needles. 18 stitches should be on each needle.

Joining Thumb: Turn thumb inside out, then slip the stitches onto the needles, placing them at the opposite end of the needles (Basically, you won't be knitting these stitches immediately.) Also, try to have the thumb tail against the glove proper, instead of on the outside. P a round, dividing the stitches 12-12-24 being careful to pull stitches tight between the thumb and the glove. This division will be important in shaping the thumb gusset later; the round should be 12-12-24 needles, with the thumb stitches split between two needles.

Thumb Gusset: P 17, p2tog, P10, P2tog. P to end of round.
P17, P2tog, P8, P2tog. P to end of round.
P16, P2tog, P6, P2tog. P to end.
P16, P2tog, P4, P2tog. P to end.
P16, P2tog, P2, P2tog. P to end.
P16, P2tog, P2tog, P to end.
P16, P2tog, P to end.
You should now have 34 stitches.
P 1 more round, dividing the stitches. 10- 10- 14
P until your work is approximately 1 inch from where the thumb joins.

Wrist: Next row, P2 together at the beginning and end of each needle. You should have 28 stitches.
P2tog, P to the last two stitches of the second needle, P2tog. P2tog, P to the last two sts of the third needle, P2tog.
You should have 24 stitches.
Proceed in K1P2 ribbing until cuff has desired length, then bind off LOOSELY.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Um. . .

Well, it turns out all our internet prayers couldn't help my Grandmother. . . She passed away Friday, at around 9 PM.

I'm probably going to take the week off from school. . . meaning I'll have time to knit and stuff.

I made this doll for my baby cousin Ava that's coming in
Sooo cute. It's one of a few I've been wanting to make. . .
Check out this Knit Flower.
Or this one.
I'm not in my normal happy mood. . . sorry. I think I'll feel better later.
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