Sunday, September 9, 2012

Finally - Finished My Dragonfly Socks!

They only took me all summer!


Project: Dragonfly Socks from Cavyshops
Yarn: Eskimimi Knits Broccoli Sockoli

I'm happy with how they turned out, though the heel is a little weirdly placed - it slides off my foot.  Oh well, you win some you lose some - I'm still going to wear them.  Can anyone tell me what I did wrong? I think that I just made the heel flap too long. I guess it's just taking a while for me to make socks that fit me well.  Now is the time for that - the only projects I really have time to do are stress socks. 



I still don't see the dragonflies! Maybe because I k tbl on some stitches instead of just plain k them?  I thought it made the pattern look better when it stretched out.


  1. They are BEAUTIFUL! I was thinking the heel flap looked a little short. How many rows did you do?

    I just started another pair of dragonflys today.

  2. I always do short-row heels because they fit me better. Have you tried those?

  3. YOu knit an amazing tough pattern!! Good for you. Just wash them a bit, they'l fit you perfect


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