Sunday, September 23, 2012

Beachy Stress Socks


I told myself that I was going to use my new square needles for my next socks, and I did... but I had a major problem.  It wasn't the yarn, which was this gorgeous varigated with colors that made me think of the warm summer beaches that I've left behind - it was the needles! They're too small, and the resulting fabric is just tight and not very fun for socks.


So, I recast on with some addi turbos that I got from a friend that wanted to unload some knitting stuff before she moved, and things have been going well.  It's just plain stockinette - perfect for class.  Though, I only have 8 hours of class each week, and lately I haven't had time to go to knitting club.


The sock is still becoming nice and long though - I'm going to do an afterthought heel so I don't have to worry about budgeting free time to turn the heel.  If I do that, the sock will sit on my desk until the end of the quarter!


In a way, it's ok that most of my friends have left and that Hooks and Needles is full of strangers.  I'm so busy and grumpy that I feel like my head's going to fall off at any given moment.  Thankfully, eveyone else in my apartment is in their last year of school, too, and is working their tails off just as much as me - I think I'd be ridiculously annoyed if that wasn't the case.  I just can't wait to be done with school and move on to the next part of my life!


  1. Hang in the are almost done!! I LOVE THE SOCKS .. wow they stripe so beautifully and when needles don't work.....I move on too!

  2. Pretty yarn! You made great progress.

    I had trouble getting socks made on those square needles to fit right. It really messed with my gauge. I ended up giving them away.


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