Saturday, January 15, 2011

Socks All for Me!


Last night I finished my two socks.


I tried the first on.  It was heaven.  It was orgasmic.  I will never knit anything but socks again, until I can assure my feet will always be covered by socks as comfortable and squishy as these comfortable, squishy socks.


The second one...


I was not so lucky.

I don't know what went wrong.  I pulled, I tugged, I cried and prayed.  I felt like Cinderella's ugly step sister, desperately wanting the glass slipper to fit on my feet so I could go back to the prince's castle and live happily ever after.  No dice.  This sock was NOT coming on.

So, another knitting mystery to solve.  The socks were the same stitches, same width and length, same gauge.  I washed the good sock and pressed it flat to block (or something like it, I don't have sock blockers.)


And the other was punished severely.


Then, I went on a road trip, ate Stewart's Ice Cream for the first time, came home, and tried my socks on.


Apparently the bad sock learned its lesson in time out, because it slipped on.  It looks a little baggy, though, but oh well.  Viva la new socks!

Oh, and thanks a lot to Kathy and Emily for helping me solve my yarn mystery! I couldn't reply to your comment via email, so I thought I'd call you out in a post :)


  1. They are really pretty :) are they your own pattern??

  2. Whew, glad that worked out. Handknit socks are the best. I love your colors, they're very cheery!

  3. Oh Thanks GOODNEss the socks fit. I was nearly in tears for you before I read about the ice cream trip and the successful fit afterwards. I think this may be the ticket....when your knit up is looking wonky.....go out for ice cream and then, it will fit!

  4. If those are Jaywalkers, yes they can be a little hard to get over your heels. But, boy howdy, don't they feel good ON!


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