Friday, January 14, 2011

Special Delivery!


Today at lunch I picked up a lovely little present from the Take and Replace Swap on Irish Eyes! There were so many nice things, but I took out these:


A skein of sock yarn and a wristlet.  Perfect since my old one (from my wrist troubles two years ago) was starting to get icky and smelly, and this yarn will be great for new socks for W!  I loved everything in the box, and I hope the person I'm sending it to likes the stuff I put in!

Anyway, I don't get out of work until after the post office closes, but I will mail the box to the next person tomorrow :)

Oh and I've encountered a bit of a mystery:


This was in the middle of the skein of sock yarn! What is it? Thread? It's not more yarn, that's for sure.  There's still 100g in the skein (well, 94 g...) but... it's just weird.  I want to know what it is! :D

Oh, and no quilting tonight - I'm driving across the state on a mission to rescue some cats.  But I should have a nice FO (or two) tomorrow.


  1. I wonder if it is re inforcing thread for the heel....I ve never done that, but I have heard of some who do.....

  2. Oh what a nifty swap =o I wish I knew about it earlier. I'll stalk about for next time :3

    I haven't the foggiest what that smaller thing is. I hope you find out.

  3. It for reinforcing heels and toes! I get how to do it on the toes, and on the flappy part of the heel, but not on the part of the hell that actually wears through.

    Although, I guess if you wear your socks with shoes that aren't clogs, the flappy part IS the part that wears through. Maybe I should just use it on the whole sock foot.

    Let me know if you figure it out!

  4. Emily: THANK YOU! I had a skein of sock yarn that had one of those too, and i had NO IDEA what the frig it was.

    Alyssa: Cute yarn! Nifty swap idea too!


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