Sunday, June 27, 2010

Public Service Announcement

It is my birthday.

That is all!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Guess what?

I finished these! Erm, yes, I really didn't give up brown, but, I also finished my blue stealth project and I'm partaway done on my neckwarmer. So, it's okay. I think I'm out of my brown stage.

Words cannot describe how I feel about these socks.  I'm an happy I finished them.  I bear no ill will against the Yarn, Knitpicks Stroll Kettle Dyed, from Ash. I have a little left over, which I plan to use in a design in the future.  I bear no grudge against the pattern, which I really didn't follow at all, so if I DID bear a grudge, it would be my own fault.

I'm just happy to have these socks out of my life.  BYE BYE! I think that 3-4 months is too long to knit a pair of socks.

Oh, guess what else?

Sunday's my birthday.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Almost Done with Color

Last night, I was about to give up on this thing.  Seriously.  I felt like it was to long, weird colors, and I was lazy.  The yarn was tangled, the stitches have clogged my circular, and it was an altogether uninviting thing.

Then, I tried to take a picture of it on me and realized that it's not so bad.  It could be worse.  It could be Mike's Socks (which only have an inch left of the pattern before the cuff! GAH!)

Then Lotus ran through my photo shoot, and I forgot about curses and went to take pictures of her.

So, my will to knit did not in fact leave... but that's only the first part of the curse.  The other parts are: (1) Not giving it away after I make it and (2) actually using it.   We'll see, we'll see.

Look at Lotus's buggy eyes! Is she just terrified of being held?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Sea of Brown

You know what I realized this week? I am so over brown.  My two major projects, Mike's Socks and my stealth project, are both brown, a similar tone of brown, and both of them are causing me problems.  I'm not usually the type of knitter that gets frustrated with a project, but I am frustrated with brown!

It must've started on Tuesday, when I hit a bump in my stealth project.  I put it down and looked at what other project I could pick up.  Mike's socks? Erm... thanks, but no thanks, socks. I can't knit you right now.  

 I really wanted to start on a pair of fingerless gloves for one of my friend(?)s from college, I even have the colorwork all charted out, so I thought that was a worthy cause.  I got the yarn out and... brown! One of the colors is BROWN!

So, right now, I'm raging against brown and neutral tones and pulling out the color stops on these two projects.  I can't describe them in detail because one is going to be my first actually self-published .pdf (gak! Nerves!) and the other is going to be sent out and possibly published a year from now.

I can tell you the yarn, though! The two balls are Caron simply soft in seafoam (!) and Caron Simply Soft Brites in pink.  I'm double knitting them and from my experience with the afghan square, CSS gets very warm and soft when double knit, which I like.  The skein is Cascade 220 in a blue, the same yarn I made W's skinny bird with.

Hopefully these two projects will satisfy my urge for some color! Who knows, maybe next week I'll be frustrated with them and run right back to brown.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Yours is the Hat That WIll Pierce the Heavens!

After I made W that raspberry hat, he wore it a lot, but his only complaint was that the bulky yarn was so warm.  What's a girlfriend to do? I vowed to make him another to add to his collection of knit things.

We looked far and we looked wide.... Well, mostly I looked, on Ravelry.  I ran things by him, of course! When we came across Hurricane Hat by Strings in Motion, I commented on how it looked kind of like a drill.

"What! Yes! I could have... a hat that will pierce the heavens!"


And then W made the comment that I should watch Gurren Lagann, and that I should also make that hat out of some gray that I have on tap from my grandmother.  So I made the hat, and now I'm watching the anime, and I really love it. 

The hat pattern itself is great, too! It's a simple pattern that you can seriously memorize in the time it takes you to read it.   I was working the set-up round and I thought "What...? Why didn't I think of that!? Jeez!!"   It really is a cute and easy pattern! I love the yarn, as well: Kraemer Yarns Tatami Tweed... with all sorts of color speckled in.  I'm not so sure about the material though: it's cotton-acrylic blend.  I'm not quite sure how it will stretch out with time (and W's noggin.)  He's very happy with it, especially since he can wear it in the hot, humid, icky weather.

Well, if it does become a misshapen mess, then I can always make another one!

Time to knit more things! *Dances off*

Saturday, June 12, 2010

And you think YOU had a bad night?

Someone threw a lit firecracker into the open window of my dad's van.

What you can't see in these pictures is that all of his equipment was in the back... can you say, totaled?

There's a police investigation going on, and there are (actually) a few suspects, so I hope the criminal is caught. 

Also, I finished a hat for W, but ended up giving it to my uncle because it's his birthday. Happy birthday! There's a car on fire in front of the house!

(P.S. - My mom, aunt, and two of my uncles live in two houses that are next store to one another.  But that's a blog post in itself.)
(P.P.S- Yesterday a person who will not be named locked us out of the car while it was running, and we spent an hour and a half trying to get into it, then we paid $50 to get someone to come open it. And I missed seeing my Dad's band play.)

Have a better weekend than me!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Portrait of the Artist as Paddington Bear

I finally finished Little Me! Sewing her clothing wasn't so bad, really, at least not half as bad as I envisioned.  Her little yellow rainboots are felt, and were a pain, but her hoodie is fleece, which was really easy to sew up. (It's fleece. No huge surprise here.)

I ended up not making any changed to Lotus, since I cut her "quills" too short to spike with Elmer's Glue, like W the Puppet Master suggested.  The yarn for her quills is Caron Simply Soft (which, incidentally, makes great pom poms.  Who would have thought?) so I couldn't felt it.  Oh, also of note, I don't actually keep Lotus on a leash, I just didn't want Little Lotus to get lost.

Oh, the title? Something about yellow and blue always makes me think of Paddington Bear.  Do you remember Paddington Bear? Those were some of my favorite stories when I was young. (Image from Google Images)

Anyway, I will be sending her off tomorrow during my lunch, in a package made from a paper bag.  I hope she and Little Lotus have fun in London!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Of Socks and Kittens

Honestly, I am tired of looking at these socks.  I desperately want to finish them.  I told myself I would turn the heel this weekend, and I did, but meeting that goal gives me no satisfaction whatsoever.  I think that the only satisfaction I'll get is when I weave in the ends to these socks and see them on my uncle... preferably as he's walking away.

Of course, I could work on the stealth project that I've been hawing away at, or making little me's dress... GR! There's another deadline for the coming week.  Maybe I can sew her a top and send her off.  I can only hope.

Here are some kitten shots.  Little kitty has been sent to live with a family friend, as she is the most civilized of the wild little kitties.  W decided to give her away because, although she is TO cute, and we have no problem taking care of her, she will only suffer when school starts and we can't give her any attention. I'm not sure how I feel seeing her go, only that I know she'll be so much more happy in her new home than with us come August.

Also, she has this thing.  She likes knitting needles. Not the yarn, no, no yarn, just the needles.  That is just trouble if I ever knew it.  

But in the two weeks that she was with us, she's gone from timid scaredy-cat to prime kitten material.  Also, now you can't feel her ribs so well, which is a good sign I guess.

On with the weekend! (Although it's half over already)
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