Monday, June 14, 2010

Yours is the Hat That WIll Pierce the Heavens!

After I made W that raspberry hat, he wore it a lot, but his only complaint was that the bulky yarn was so warm.  What's a girlfriend to do? I vowed to make him another to add to his collection of knit things.

We looked far and we looked wide.... Well, mostly I looked, on Ravelry.  I ran things by him, of course! When we came across Hurricane Hat by Strings in Motion, I commented on how it looked kind of like a drill.

"What! Yes! I could have... a hat that will pierce the heavens!"


And then W made the comment that I should watch Gurren Lagann, and that I should also make that hat out of some gray that I have on tap from my grandmother.  So I made the hat, and now I'm watching the anime, and I really love it. 

The hat pattern itself is great, too! It's a simple pattern that you can seriously memorize in the time it takes you to read it.   I was working the set-up round and I thought "What...? Why didn't I think of that!? Jeez!!"   It really is a cute and easy pattern! I love the yarn, as well: Kraemer Yarns Tatami Tweed... with all sorts of color speckled in.  I'm not so sure about the material though: it's cotton-acrylic blend.  I'm not quite sure how it will stretch out with time (and W's noggin.)  He's very happy with it, especially since he can wear it in the hot, humid, icky weather.

Well, if it does become a misshapen mess, then I can always make another one!

Time to knit more things! *Dances off*

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  1. It looks amazing! :D You're so very, very talented.


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