Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Sea of Brown

You know what I realized this week? I am so over brown.  My two major projects, Mike's Socks and my stealth project, are both brown, a similar tone of brown, and both of them are causing me problems.  I'm not usually the type of knitter that gets frustrated with a project, but I am frustrated with brown!

It must've started on Tuesday, when I hit a bump in my stealth project.  I put it down and looked at what other project I could pick up.  Mike's socks? Erm... thanks, but no thanks, socks. I can't knit you right now.  

 I really wanted to start on a pair of fingerless gloves for one of my friend(?)s from college, I even have the colorwork all charted out, so I thought that was a worthy cause.  I got the yarn out and... brown! One of the colors is BROWN!

So, right now, I'm raging against brown and neutral tones and pulling out the color stops on these two projects.  I can't describe them in detail because one is going to be my first actually self-published .pdf (gak! Nerves!) and the other is going to be sent out and possibly published a year from now.

I can tell you the yarn, though! The two balls are Caron simply soft in seafoam (!) and Caron Simply Soft Brites in pink.  I'm double knitting them and from my experience with the afghan square, CSS gets very warm and soft when double knit, which I like.  The skein is Cascade 220 in a blue, the same yarn I made W's skinny bird with.

Hopefully these two projects will satisfy my urge for some color! Who knows, maybe next week I'll be frustrated with them and run right back to brown.


  1. I love the socks. Can you tell me the name of the pattern?

  2. Yummy colors. Even the brown.

  3. Those socks are awesome ;; Hope you get a bit more color 'therapy'! XD

  4. I get burned out on colors, too.... that bright seafoam and pink should cure it, though!


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