Thursday, June 10, 2010

Portrait of the Artist as Paddington Bear

I finally finished Little Me! Sewing her clothing wasn't so bad, really, at least not half as bad as I envisioned.  Her little yellow rainboots are felt, and were a pain, but her hoodie is fleece, which was really easy to sew up. (It's fleece. No huge surprise here.)

I ended up not making any changed to Lotus, since I cut her "quills" too short to spike with Elmer's Glue, like W the Puppet Master suggested.  The yarn for her quills is Caron Simply Soft (which, incidentally, makes great pom poms.  Who would have thought?) so I couldn't felt it.  Oh, also of note, I don't actually keep Lotus on a leash, I just didn't want Little Lotus to get lost.

Oh, the title? Something about yellow and blue always makes me think of Paddington Bear.  Do you remember Paddington Bear? Those were some of my favorite stories when I was young. (Image from Google Images)

Anyway, I will be sending her off tomorrow during my lunch, in a package made from a paper bag.  I hope she and Little Lotus have fun in London!


  1. Awww! Your little knitted you is adorable! I hope she enjoys London. I would have participated, but I've had sooo much stuff to do @.@;

  2. Thanks! I totally understand... I put off FOs that I should be working on to make her, but I'm happy I did :) And, your stuff is totally cute, so it's okay that you didn't make one XD


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