Saturday, June 5, 2010

Of Socks and Kittens

Honestly, I am tired of looking at these socks.  I desperately want to finish them.  I told myself I would turn the heel this weekend, and I did, but meeting that goal gives me no satisfaction whatsoever.  I think that the only satisfaction I'll get is when I weave in the ends to these socks and see them on my uncle... preferably as he's walking away.

Of course, I could work on the stealth project that I've been hawing away at, or making little me's dress... GR! There's another deadline for the coming week.  Maybe I can sew her a top and send her off.  I can only hope.

Here are some kitten shots.  Little kitty has been sent to live with a family friend, as she is the most civilized of the wild little kitties.  W decided to give her away because, although she is TO cute, and we have no problem taking care of her, she will only suffer when school starts and we can't give her any attention. I'm not sure how I feel seeing her go, only that I know she'll be so much more happy in her new home than with us come August.

Also, she has this thing.  She likes knitting needles. Not the yarn, no, no yarn, just the needles.  That is just trouble if I ever knew it.  

But in the two weeks that she was with us, she's gone from timid scaredy-cat to prime kitten material.  Also, now you can't feel her ribs so well, which is a good sign I guess.

On with the weekend! (Although it's half over already)


  1. awww! Such great photos! It's so sad to see a skinny kitten. I'm glad she's doing better. How did your hedgehog feel about her new temp. friend?

  2. Thanks! Hedgehog was not very welcoming to the kitten, who just wanted to play with her... but I can understand why! Kitten kept thinking that the hedgehog's food bag was hers, knocking it over and trying to open it... that could spark some envy!


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