Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Almost Done with Color

Last night, I was about to give up on this thing.  Seriously.  I felt like it was to long, weird colors, and I was lazy.  The yarn was tangled, the stitches have clogged my circular, and it was an altogether uninviting thing.

Then, I tried to take a picture of it on me and realized that it's not so bad.  It could be worse.  It could be Mike's Socks (which only have an inch left of the pattern before the cuff! GAH!)

Then Lotus ran through my photo shoot, and I forgot about curses and went to take pictures of her.

So, my will to knit did not in fact leave... but that's only the first part of the curse.  The other parts are: (1) Not giving it away after I make it and (2) actually using it.   We'll see, we'll see.

Look at Lotus's buggy eyes! Is she just terrified of being held?

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