Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Found the Rainbow!


It's on the heels! I finished the heels Tuesday, and I really like them.  They're my favorite part of the socks, actually... so much my favorite that I'm taking out the whole socks.

Yep, I'm ripping them all out and making these socks.  They're the perfect way to knit this yarn.  And it'll be a fun challenge.

But... I have to finish Dan's socks.  I pulled out all my sock yarns and gave him the pick.  He picked a really boring black and white.

Boys are weird.

Also, I have to share this.  This is where I took that picture above...


At 4 AM.  This is great advertising for my lamp that Dan bought me, haha!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Muddy Rainbow Socks


I'm making progress! Carpooling two hours each day is great, especially when you make the other person drive.  I'm making nice progress on my Haruni shawl, too!

Anyway, I put them on Dan and I'm about an inch from starting the heel flap.  Which is good, because I'm really into a new book... and I can't read an knit too intense stuff.  I can do stockinette or garter stitch fine, but anything that involves thinking just doesn't work for me.

I'm disliking the yarn more and more the more it knits up.  It pools, which is ok, but from a distance it just looks brown to me.


It makes me philosophical: every stitch is special and unique, but when all this specialness and uniqueness is put in one place the combined specialness and uniqueness just makes some ugly socks.  Okay, maybe not ugly... maybe just... a little... different...


Also, I've stitched hair into it.  #$&!%...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Little Mid Week Pick Me Up


The orchid that Dan got me for Valentine's Day Last year has rebloomed! I trimmed the roots in mid December, and that seemed to give it new life.  I'm proud because when he showed up with the orchid, I was worried that the buds it had would die, and then that would be it - I would kill it.  But it's survived!

This, for some reason, makes me really really happy!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Dream Yarn... Dream Shawl

So, for Christmas my friend Ash gave me some AWESOME yarn.  I mean ridiculously awesome.  Qivuit sock yarn for both me and Dan, which I immediately placed on our dining room table and let sit for a few months while I decided what to do with it.

That's the best way for me to figure out what to do with yarn.  I just put it somewhere where I'll see it often, and every time I see it I think "Hmm... what should I do with this?" for a split second.  After doing this roughly thirty thousand times, I have an epiphany and suddenly discover the perfect project.

For this yarn, though, I didn't know what to make.  I didn't want to make socks - the yarn is just too soft, too nice... no, no way.  I thought about combining the two colors (red and sepia) to make a scarf.  But, no, the intent was something for me and something for Dan, so... I couldn't justify that in my head.

Finally, when I went to Kentucky, I took just the red yarn, wound in a cake.  I figured that this would finally give me the impetus to cast on some socks for myself.  BUT - when I looked for patterns, I had my epiphany.  No, I couldn't knit socks with this - I had to make a shawl.

What shawl? Well, there only seemed to be one option.  I have been eyeing the Haruni Shawl for a long time, and what better excuse to make it now!

So, I cast on for this shawl two weeks ago, and I'm already halfway done.


Maybe it's just a rebound project, while Dan's Rainbow socks sit forlorn in their little project bag, being surly.  Maybe I should work on them today...

(Also, sorry for the lack of photos! I thought I had taken some but it turns out that I never took one of the yarn when I first got it... Which is bad of me, I should have put it into my rav stash right away!)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WOW. These socks are... just... taking... FOREVER.


Does anyone want some yarn?  I think I want to burn this. 

The problem this time was that I cast on too many stitches.  I just couldn't recoup!

Maybe after a break these socks will behave... or maybe I just need the right pattern.  I'm starting to hate this yarn.  With a passion.  The color variations are so severe that normal stitch patterns don't show up, but so short that patterns that are made for varigated yarn aren't accented.  It's so horrible!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Magpie in Lexington, KY

So I travelled to a plant in Lexington to go to an awesome workshop on ergonomics.  It was really cool to see how each task is broken down and the motions are analyzed - and the Lexington area has got a lot to do and see (well, not for someone who has to sit in the hotel room and prop her leg up! :( )

The one place I made sure to check out was Magpie Yarn downtown.  It had a great selection of yarns (by color and size) and the woman there was so helpful.  Here's some pictures of the inside to get a feel of the ambience:

It makes me want to sit and knit all day. But, doesn't take much.

Anyway, I decided to buy some local Kentucky yarn - which, strangely enough, there isn't a lot of.  I got two skeins of Colors to Dye For, which are very squishy and beautiful.


This blue is for me, it's a Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend sock yarn.  Cashmere socks.  I feel so rich!  I actually think I might make wristwarmers for these, or maybe another shawl... I broke my cardinal rule with this, which is not to buy yarn unless you have a plan for it... but it was in the spirit of tourism/supporting local business/Iwantitandit'snotlikewe'regoingtostarveifIbuythis.


I don't want to oogle over this light blue/blue/purple mix too much because I bought it for Alysia.  When I find pretty vegan yarn I like to get it for her because she can't work with animal fibers.  The colorway is "Panda" which is her fiance's pet name for her... right? Destiny!

Then this last yarn isn't Kentucky-made, but I was inspired by it.


A few weekends ago Dan and I went to a convention and he bought me a corset that was cream and this exact color yellow.  So, I can make a shawl with this that will match! At least, that's the dream.  My current pace of knitting probably makes that dream laughable, but whatever.  It's a silky smooth sock yarn from Knitted Wit, and the colorway is "Sunshine." I actually think I might design with this yarn, a first for me in like 6 months.  

Ugh, it's been six months since I finished Moby and I still don't have the pattern up :'(

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Red Right Ankle

Okay, so it's my left ankle, but whatever. 


Saturday I fell on ice and twisted my ankle really bad.  One of the ligaments is torn.  The picture above was from last night - today the area is still swollen, though not as bad.  It is all yellow and there is a black spot blossoming in the center.

On top of that, I'm travelling for work.  So pain + homesickness + overwork = grumpy.

Thankfully it's not broken. My life would be so miserable right now if it was.

I have some happier, knitting-related posts coming up!
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