Sunday, April 6, 2014

Muddy Rainbow Socks


I'm making progress! Carpooling two hours each day is great, especially when you make the other person drive.  I'm making nice progress on my Haruni shawl, too!

Anyway, I put them on Dan and I'm about an inch from starting the heel flap.  Which is good, because I'm really into a new book... and I can't read an knit too intense stuff.  I can do stockinette or garter stitch fine, but anything that involves thinking just doesn't work for me.

I'm disliking the yarn more and more the more it knits up.  It pools, which is ok, but from a distance it just looks brown to me.


It makes me philosophical: every stitch is special and unique, but when all this specialness and uniqueness is put in one place the combined specialness and uniqueness just makes some ugly socks.  Okay, maybe not ugly... maybe just... a little... different...


Also, I've stitched hair into it.  #$&!%...


  1. YOu go girl! Keep sitting on the passenger side and knitting! Best spot in the car.
    I LOVE the color and they don't look brown to me

  2. They don't look brown to me either. I think they will make great man-socks. (Even WITH the hair. LOL)


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