Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sweater Disaster

So, I was really really proud to finish my first sweater!

But... as you might notice... it's not really finished.  I picked up the exact number of stitches, but it looks like the button band has too few of them, because this weird scrunching thing happens.

This is probably the most unflattering thing that has ever been draped upon my figure.  All of the endorphins from sewing the last button on disappeared when I looked at myself in the mirror.  Instead of a beautiful form swathed in beautiful handknit goodness, I felt like a potato in a too-big potato sack.  I have lost weight since I started knitting it, so it might just be way too big... but I would at least like to have the bottom form a straight line!

Anyway, this thing is in time out until I get the gumption to unravel the button band, cast on with more stitches, and try again.


  1. Its the button band...you can do it! :) Helen

  2. aww, man that's no fun. but once you get the buttonband fixed it looks like a very nice-fitting cardi!

  3. OH honey, it is a great sweater. Just take the last buttons off …leave it to FLOW just use ONE button maybe at the top….too much reworking to FIX it. Look at it as a design feature It is so beautifuL! I LOVE It

  4. Definitely just the button band. Have you tried blocking it yet? That might help, too.
    I'm guessing the problem is because the button band is ribbed, which will pull in more than the stockinette stitch you're attaching it to.

  5. This is why I'm hesitant to make a sweater. I had two disasters with my first 2 attempts at sweater knitting. I had to rip out both sweaters after spending weeks knitting them. One day I will be brave and try again. Maybe you should try blocking it first.


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