Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Regret Nothing!

Last week I went into the yarn store in Concord, NH - The Elegant Ewe.  I really didn't INTEND to go into the store.  Really.  I had to go to the UPS store because Amazon sent me a set of lint rollers instead of two crystal glasses (present) and as I was getting into my car I thought "Oh, hey, there's the local yarn store.  I should go in for a second."

Of course, one second turned into almost an hour looking at yarn, buttons, and books.  I also talked to the people inside.  Eventually I decided "What better thing to do than to buy gifts for Ash and Alysia?" partly because I haven't gotten them gifts yet, but mostly because it would give me an excuse to hang out around yarn.

Well, most of their products were wool, and the interesting silk or linen that they did have felt so icky.  I would have felt bad sending that as a gift to Alysia.  And I found some nice yarn for Ash that was made in New Hampshire... but there was no heather gray (her favorite color.)

But I didn't walk out of there empty handed.  Nope.

I bought these.


A Christmas present for me, from Santa :) Don't even ask me how much it was! I don't want to think about that right now.  I'm just going to put them on my shelf and feel fuzzy inside.


  1. Books are ALWAYS a good buy!

    Think of it as stimulating your local economy!

    That's a GOOD thing. ;-)

  2. Those books are worth *every penny!* Happy Christmas to you!


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