Monday, October 15, 2012

Half an FO

Okay, okay, it's not technically an FO, but I felt so proud that I had to share my single sock.


Here it is, the middle of Socktoberfest, and I've got one sock that's taken me 7 weeks to knit.  Lame, right? Whatever.  I know the trials and tribulations this sock has seen.  The night classes in the college of business as I curse myself for putting off all my electives until the last term of school.  Protip: most majors don't offer all of the fun electives in one term, so space them out or else you'll be stuck in the College of Business, where the terms are made up and the professor is always right.


Anyway, angst aside, the sock fits slightly better than my last pair! At least, it's not sagging around my ankles, and the afterthought heel looks great, even though it's a bit tight... I have so many heel issues.  One day, I'll find the perfect heel.  I have faith.  Next time, I'm going to pick up a couple more stitches along the edges of the heel.  I only picked up two this time, and hopefully two more on each side will give me the ease that I need.


I think I'm going to do an afterthought heel from now on whenever I have variegated yarn like this.  I just think it looks so much better! I wish I had done that for my Kaffe Fasset socks.  Maybe one day I'll come across some Kaffe Fasset yarn again and get another chance. :P  I'm not going to try and look for some, though... I have too much yarn! (I know, this isn't a real thing, but I'm going to complain about it anyway and say I'm going to not buy any more but... just you wait.)

It's the middle of the night, but I've had coffee to get me through my aforementioned business class. So I'm a little hyper.  I hope this post doesn't come across as mentally deranged.


  1. I like your wacky late-night posts. ;)

    I've never done an after thought heel! I might have to give it a try at some point here, although I am firmly resolved to never buy another skein of sock yarn in my entire life.

  2. You're farther along than me - there will be no new socks for Socktober here :)
    Love the stripy yarn - very cool color combo.

  3. Love the color of the socks. Congrats on getting one done.

    Good luck with those business classes.

  4. I dont mind if it took 10 months, Im in love with that sock. so THAT is an afterthough heel huh?


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