Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Extended Vacation Sock Knitting

Whelp, it seems that due to a general SNAFU, I'm stuck in New England for the week, mulling about my boyfriend's apartment.  It's okay, though, because there's an Internet connection that I can use to work on my grad project, which is beginning to consume every waking moment of my life.


But, I have a little something to show for it!

Yep, I finished my first sock in the Dragonfly Socks KAL! I grafted the toe and cast on for the second sock while I ate lunch and mulled over my current troubles.  Someone once told me that it's good luck to cast on for the second sock in the same sitting that you finish the first it - anyone else hear of that?


On an unrelated note, the carpet in this apartment is oddly fascinating...


... I need to take more microbreaks. I'm hoping to finish the second sock this week, but knitting while reading journal articles is a lot harder than I expected.


  1. I'm glad to hear from you! It's been so quiet on your end lately.

  2. Your sock is impressive and amazing
    I've never heard of the lucky cast on, but I like it
    That carpet is awesome

  3. That is a fascinating carpet, I had one where I used to live like that. How long are you in New England, we should get together if we can :o)


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