Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sweater Quandry


I took my giant red sweater to a baseball game yesterday with my cousin and my uncle because, frankly, CC (my final nickname for this thing) and I are pretty good friends right now.  I was worried that the 1x1 ribbing on the collar would be time consuming, but 4 inches in and it's really just potato chip knitting, as Kathy would say!

But, I woke up this morning and realized...

... I don't know where the written pattern is.

I looked all through my bag, tore apart my mom's guest room, frantically texted the people whose living rooms I've been squatting in sporadically.  It was all to no avail! I went through every book that I had used, in case it slipped into the pages or got mixed up with the mountains of printed articles that I've been carrying around. Nothing.

What's the most annoying is that I clearly remember the last time I had the pattern.  Someone asked me what I was knitting, and I was sitting on a couch and I said "A shrug, here, it will look like this at the end."  I then unfolded the pattern with gusto and showed them the faded picture.  They looked at me as if I was insane.

If only I could remember when and where that happened!  I think I might just finish the sweater from memory.  Once the collar is long enough, I just have to graft the sides of the shrug together and then pick up stitches for the arms...

Or, CC and I can take a break until the piece of paper shows up? I'm sure that it's somewhere, and I will probably find it between someone's couch cushions or under the seat of my Dad's car.


  1. I hate when that happens. Hope you find your pattern soon.

  2. Can't you just look for it online? Maybe reprint it?


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