Sunday, May 13, 2012

WIP Update - Winter Socks

Do you guys remember this sock?


Then I broke up with W, stopped knitting (stopped doing anything actually) and picked up the project again over winter, put it down when I started knitting bricks like crazy, picked it up again... the typical WIP dance.


I actually got pretty far on the sock, past the heel turn, until I saw this:


No, it's not a mistake.  I just like the way that this yarn looks in stockinette so much! I thought about it, and I decided to start over and just do two plain two-up stress socks.


I haven't looked back. I might make the long john socks again in a solid color, but for now? These are going to be my sock projects! I'm already done with the first sock, and I really like the way that it looks.

Viva finishing ancient WIPs! Or, at least, making progress? I hope to have this pair for when I move back home for summer "vacation."


  1. That is a great looking sock. I like it much better in the plain ol' stockinette.

  2. The difference between the stockinette and patterned stripes are amazing! You made the right choice. Love them! :)

  3. so glad you are working on socks again. They are awesome

  4. Stockinette definitely shows off the yarn better. Going through a breakup is always hard but knitting can be great therapy. Stand by your yarn, it'll never treat you wrong!

  5. Great blog and great socks :-).
    Corina from germany

  6. Oh those socks look GORGEOUS! Good choice making them in stockinette!

  7. Beautiful!!!! And good choice reknitting them in stockinette. It's so hard ripping out when you're that far into something but it definitely works better with the yarn. I'm sorry about your break up. That's tough.

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