Monday, May 7, 2012

Imagine RIT!

I'm so pumped to finally be able to share this project! Last Saturday, Hooks and Needles exhibited at Imagine RIT, a yearly festival hosted on campus.  Over 32,000 people showed up, and tons of them passed by us.

Our exhibit was three parts.  The first was Samson, who hung out all day and got to represent angora rabbits everywhere.


There was also spinning with drop spindles and Ash's wheel (which she isn't an expert at yet, so we made Nathaniel do it.)


The second was finger knitting lessons, which we gave to people of all ages.  I taught kids as young as two or three (who loved it but didn't quite get what was going on) and a couple of ladies that were in their seventies.  The whole club pitched in!


And the third and most impressive portion was this:


A wall of knit bricks. 


We knit and crocheted over 1,000 bricks to put up as part of the exhibit, which was the vision of the club's secretary and president-elect, Alysia.  This has been a process that started in September and has taken us through months and months.  There were several cases of carpal tunnel and tendonitis, and a few tears.


The day of the exhibit, we were there at 6AM setting up.  We were working almost to the finish line - that's four hours of cutting duct tape, folding it, and pressing bricks against the wall


The end result was nothing short of awesome.  I think people were totally impressed, and we did a ton of good work spreading awareness for the club and teaching people about fiber arts.  



  1. That looks like alot of fun! And samson is extreeemmeeelly cute! :3

  2. I love the brick wall - just what a boring stretch of gray concrete needs.

  3. Love the yarn-bombed wall --- that is a lot of knittin' going on!

    Bunny in his cage --- oh so cute! Looks like he almost doesn't fit.

  4. Love the brick wall! Sounds like you have a great day!

  5. Wow, I love the brick wall! Do you have plans to seam them together in a blanket now?

  6. What a fabulous thing to be a part of!! Really cool brick wall.


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