Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Winter 2011 Mood Board Submissions!

The next round for the Design Along is going to start soon, and mood board submissions are open until this Sunday! The theme is "Birds of a Feather."  And as usual, I'm showing off the images I chose to contribute :)  I actually have a LOT of bird photos, but they're all on my external hard drive, which I forgot to take with me during break.  C'est la vie. So, I dug around the internet looking for photos for the board!

I saw these feathers as a background on a blog, and I bookmarked the image source - but not the blog! So, if you know where this is from, let me know please :)

These cute things were my wallpaper for a while.  From Corby Wallpapers

I've also seen these two cuties on the internet in various places.  Not sure where the original source is.

Then, these birds.

Finally, an awesome feather drawing.  

I'm bummed out that I left my hard-drive in Rochester! If only the submission time was a little longer, I could post up my actual photos... but oh well.

Just like last time, even if you're not interested in submitting a photo, could you please vote in this thread on Ravelry? It helps me put the board together!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hoof Mittens!

A while ago I got an e-mail from Lesley at Lyonesque about this awesome mod to my Kitten Mittens!
She changed the colors to make hoof mittens :)

I love seeing people change my pattern, strange as that may seem.  It makes me feel like people appreciate my work, more than wanting to make something from it.  That the pattern inspires them to make something original, something new! So I was super psyched, and I kept telling myself "I have to blog about this!"

So, here it is! You should definitely check out her blog, too, because she has a matching hat that goes with them!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's OVER! Oh, and I got to meet Anne Hanson!

First thing's first... my academic quarter is officially over as of today! I am so, so, so relieved, and so exhausted.  I can't wait for a good week and a half of vacation, then moving into my new apartment.  It's going to be nice to have a room to myself with a desk instead of, say, this:


Oh, see that bright thing on the table?  Monday, my friend Rebecca called me and said "The Rochester Knitting Guild is meeting tonight and I want to check it out... want to come with?"  Another knitting club to go to? Hot swift!

Anyway, I went on their website and saw that Anne Hanson, from Knitspot, was going to be there! I've been following her blog for a while, and I though - huh, funny, I never really looked at her patterns.  So I spent a few hours doing that on Ravelry - yes, maybe a good hour and a half.  There are a LOT of patterns!  I finally decided on making some Longjohn Socks.  It just seemed like a great mindless sock project for me to work on... and I'm loving it so far. 


It's been hard for me to knit with all the stress I've been under.  I enjoyed listening to Anne speak, but I liked being able to sit and knit just as much! It was also really cool to hear about her inspiration and see photos of her finished works juxtaposed against the photos that inspired them.  At the end, she even signed a paper copy of a fingerless gloves pattern that I bought!


It was also really exciting to see her trunk so - and to see all the versions of projects that people had brought with them. I wish I had brought W's DSLR so I could have shot photos of the night!

And, at the end of it all, I went home and made a creamsicle float.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Day Character Challenge!

This week has proven to be less hectic than I thought, but much, much more miserable! I have actually knit negative stitches in the past 7 days, since my DAL submission is a mess.  I don't know how I'm going to finish it on time - it is, (GAH) a real failure. 

But, I've started another thing - mostly inspired by my friends from school.  It's called the 30-day character challenge, and there's even a little Tumblr for it! It's really fun to see my friends' ideas... so, I thought I would try it out! Mine is a little different, though, since I thought that each character I make could be a toy design.

I feel like posting a single post every day would be a little too much work for me (it IS finals) so I'm going to post my character on the challenge Tumblr every day, then do a kind of consolidation post each week :)

So... for days 1 - 5...

These are two deer - they're named Dearie and Spot.  Not really much else here.

Day number two is Lola.  Lola is the only kangaroo out of her friends that doesn't have a kit, and such is incredibly depressed and a tad jealous.  She spends her time growing plants in the wasteland for others to enjoy.

Day 3 is Nina.  Yes, her name is Nina, and she is a pretty ballerina.  I have the complete ABBA discography! Don't judge me!

Day 4 is Windy.  Everyone calls her "wine-dee" but her actual name is pronounced closer to "Wendy." She suffers from a genetic condition where instead of getting fatter when she eats, she just gets longer.  It's known informally as "Snake-ism."

Day 5 is Senior Lemön, one of two lemon brothers! They cause lots of trouble for small western towns... not really enough to inconvenience people.  No one calls them by their names, mostly because they don't know how to say the o with two dots over it...

Anyway, there's week one! Week two will have better pictures (I hope) - I don't have a tablet like other people that are in the challenge (tears) so I'm just scanning doodles that I make throughout the day.

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