Friday, December 9, 2011

Notes From my First (Kind of) Craft Sale


Wow, it has been a crazy week! When the Metal Works Club approached Hooks and Needles about doing a craft sale, I thought "Whoa, cool!"  It seemed really easy.

1.) Make a bunch of stuff
2.) Sit at the table from 10AM - 4PM, M-R.
3.) ???
4.) Profit

Half of the profit would go to Hooks and Needles, since we're seriously in need of funding.  Right now, it's funded out of the pockets of the e-board, which is kind of stressful at the beginning of the year when we need supplies and when we want to do ANYTHING.  The other half goes to the person that made the item.

To answer your question, no, I'm not the only person who made stuff! Or sat at the table! W even helped out and sat at the table when no one else was around... bless his heart!


At first, people were being kind of rude, remarking how the stuff was expensive.  If they just offhandedly said something, I ignored them, but if they made a point off it, I commented how, per hour, I make about $2 from each hedgehog - just factoring labor in!


But after the first two days, hedgehogs started selling like hotcakes.  I took commissions, and I'm now 11 hedgehogs deep.  Six of them are dark brown.

At $20 a hog... that's a lot of cash for the club!

I'm excited to count all my money when the craft sale is over next week :3 And, partially inspired to open an etsy shop. 

Until then, though... I need to eke these babies out by Monday.  So, I'm going to be dreaming of sewing scales onto hogs...

P.S. - We looked at the metal scales and the naked hedgehogs and invented this:


Metal hog!! I think I could thread the scales onto the yarn before knitting.


  1. Congrats on the successful sale.

    I can't tell you how many people ask me to knit them socks..well, until I tell them how much I charge and I only charge double the cost of the yarn.

  2. I found your blog while looking at patterns, and I'm really glad I did. Those hedgehogs are adorable and the "metal hog" is super silly.

    It's a shame about people complaining about pricing. Knitting is such hard work, and time consuming! That's part of the reason I think I'll only ever knit for fun.

  3. Hooray for hotcake-hedgehogs---I hope the commission-finishing goes well. I actually have a couple commissions to work on, myself! It's totally exciting, if a little bit daunting, too.

    Also, jaklsf;j metalhog. I am in loooove.

  4. Ahhh congrats Alyssa!! Good luck with all the commissions, your hedgehogs are super adorable! ; w; (every time I see hedgehog anything, I squee, and think of you)

    Your metalhog totally made me think of Metalocalypse xD

  5. Very cool! Congrats on the successful sale.

  6. Love the metalhog! Congrats on a successful sale!

  7. Goodness, how rude to tell you that your hedgehogs are too expensive! I think that's a good price (though you could charge more and I'd still say that's fair to you). Good luck with the rest of the sale! I'm glad to hear things picked up.

  8. The hedgehogs are simply adorable. Good luck finishing everything in time!

  9. Good good good for YOU! SO pleased they are selling well. MEtal hog is adorable

  10. Yay for the sale!

    I find that most people don't ever understand how much labour goes into any craft or handmade item unless they have seen the process themselves and appreciate it.

    Your hedgehogs are absolutely adorable!


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