Monday, October 31, 2011

My Random Monday - Halloween Edition!

1. I'm not that big on Halloween.  Candy? It's a nice indulgence but why eat a bunch of it in one go? You just make yourself sick.  Costumes? You go out and buy it, then wear it once and never again.  It's weird, because Halloween used to be my favorite holiday.  Now, not so much.

2. Maybe I'm just being a wet blanket because this week is the busiest ever for me.  I'm travelling for work, then I have a 3-day summit for school.  It should give me some good knitting time, at least.

3. Oh.... this:
I joined a crafty directory! I had a lot of fun looking at all the different blogs in it... so, you should check it out and join, too!

4. Here's something spooky... GMOs.  I'm a big non-GMO proponent, and I guess I'm not in the majority.  This poll asked people "Would you eat genetically modified salmon?" and when I took it, the majority said "NO WAY!"  Sadly, most of us ARE eating GMOs every day.  It's not enough to just buy the stuff that says GMO-free on the label - if you're in the U.S. you should go to the Center for Food Safety.  They have a form that you can fill out in thirty seconds to write to the FDA.  Even if you don't think it'll work, at least give it a try if you feel strongly about the issue!


  1. I'm lazy when it comes to candy. I every time I go trick or treating (last time was in '09), I put the bit of candy I got into little baggies, and gave it to the kids who couldn't go out. And I make my own costumes, which are reused cosplay outfits soo.

    Good luck this week, Alyssa!! -sends all the hugs-

  2. I used to LOVE Halloween, but really got turned off when the parents of the trick-or-treaters got so RUDE. The kids are fine, but some of the parents .... not so much.

    And I agree --- one candy, once in awhile is so much more sensible than stuffing yourself sick on Oct. 31.

  3. You're right, the whole GMO issue IS scary; I'm so afraid we don't even know what we're eating half the time. Even if I went back to being a vegetarian, I'd have to grow all my own food to be certain that I wasn't eating anything terrible (which I probably am right now, lol).

    The best part of Halloween for me is actually giving out the candy. I love seeing the kids show up.

    Hope your week gets better fast!

  4. It's ok that you don't like Halloween that much. Leaves more candy for me!!!! I'm going to check out that blog directory. I glanced at it a week ago but didn't have time to really explore it.


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