Monday, October 24, 2011

My Random Monday - 10/24

1. It is now week 8.  If there's anything you know about RIT, you need to know that there is a lot of work.  Some people might say "Hey, I'm in department A and you're in college B, I have more work than you," but I completely disagree with this. I think we're ALL overworked and cranky, but it prepares us to be overworked and cranky in the real world, so it's not so bad.  When it's over.  Right now it's pretty dumb.

2. I haven't been knitting so much, but I have been working on W's puppets all weekend.  I'm kind of disappointed to say they despite swatching, it took me three tries to get most of the body parts right for his little puppet. 


The cast-off parts have turned into a little bunny, which I still need to sew together and stuff... but I kind of like her.


Hand felting is a total chore - I'm not thrilled by it.

3. I'm on a mission to try all the noodle restaurants in Rochester, in preparation for this coming winter.  I will figure out the best!  A few weeks ago I went to Aja Noodle (twice) and I was impressed with some stuff but pretty disappointed in others.  Tonight I'm going to try Mamasan's Noodle Cafe.

5. And finally... You should try this!

I got loyal, restless, courageous, and sweet.  I'm interested to see what other people see.  No cheating!


  1. I got peaceful, passionate and naive? hehe I don't know if that is me! Lol I like the begginings of the bunny! :)

  2. I got patient, loyal, sentimental, and outspoken. Neat!

  3. I got reserved, peaceful, happy, patient,and elegant. :) That was fun!

    The puppet is looking good! And I feel ya about being grumpy and over-worked at school. I always want to drop out in October. I just might someday....

  4. I got happy, patient, elegant, and peaceful.

  5. I got naive, shy, sweet, outspoken. That sounds about right! Well, maybe not the outspoken part. Only sometimes! Anyway, the bunny is looking cute!

  6. I got outrageous, outspoken, lovely, and restless. Yup, me in a nutshell :)

  7. Thanks for the heads up on felting....I always thought it would hurt or be tedious.....your bunny is adorable though

  8. naive, dependent, lovely, elegant

    I don't buy it.:-P

  9. Handfelting is indeed a drag---I'm procrastinating on some right this minute, as a matter of fact. Your bunny is going to be adorable, though, especially in that amazing colour.

  10. @sosoclever, I got naive, dependent and elegant too! Then insecure. Hmmmm... there is some truth to those


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