Monday, September 12, 2011

My Random Monday - 9/12

1. The flower of the week is goldenrod.  It is EVERYWHERE around here!


2.  I cleaned up today (more than usual) and unpacked some figurines that W got me for my birthday:


They're supposed to be for kids, but I just think they're cute! <3

3.  School is REALLY busy and kind of frustrating.  It's hard for me to read things that I don't like/don't agree with, how I got this far in the environmental field I don't know.  But, this really made me spit out my coffee today:


"... is becoming increasingly central to religion, science, medicine, literature, the arts and women."

Really? Why women and not men? Are women more eco-contientious? This just seems sexist to me! It's from Ch. 1 of Paul Hawken's "Ecology of Commerce."  I'm going to refrain from critiquing this gem for the sake of my future career.

4. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing the things I'm supposed to - I guess the mystical-sounding word would be "on the path of my destiny." If I am on the right path, I'm a little peeved that that path has led me to live in my boyfriend's run-down college apartment with three other people I barely know and who seem to have a problem with the fact I keep fresh veg in the crisper.


  1. I hope things improve on all fronts.
    And stick to your fresh veggies!

  2. Love those little bunnies and hedgies! Big surprise there, huh?

  3. That is a really weird statement, that would stick out to me too .. I'd be curious how your professor explained it, LOL!

  4. Just remember that this is only a stop on the path, not your ultimate destination!

    That excerpt, even if accurate, does seem very . . . odd. Obviously, Mr. Hawken and his editor don't understand the principle of parallel construction. If it said "feminism," that would be a little less sexist sounding, I think, and I would hope that's more like what he meant!

  5. "...and women." lol. I don't even know what they mean by that.

    I wouldn't worry about your "destiny" just yet. This may just be one stop on your path to something bigger.


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