Thursday, August 25, 2011



I don't usually swatch, but I'm starting a baby project and wanted to perfect this pattern that I'm un-venting.  So, I took out my trusty winder (really, winding yarn into center-pull skeins needs to be less fun - NOT.) and found this!


I don't know a lot about spinning, but my hypothesis is this is the leader.  How often does this happen? Maybe we could calculate odds, and find out how lucky I am! I'm assuming that this doesn't happen very often.


Oh, the yarn I'm using is this new stuff from Cascade, "Pacific."  It is very soft, but sort of has an un-plying problem (anyone that's every used Caron Simply Soft probably knows what I'm describing.)  For a merino-acrylic mix, it has the feel of soft acrylic, but blocks out well.  Just from one swatch, I like it!


I like to keep my labels with my skeins, so here's a pick of my trick - a label extender - in case you were wondering how I did that.  As you work from the middle and the skein gets smaller, just move the tape.


  1. Very interesting. Never seen a leader on commercial yarn before ... but what else could it be!

  2. I have this yarn in another color!!!!!!!! It's so awesome!

  3. Thanks for the tipe. Happy baby project knitting!

  4. I know what you mean about "unplying". Lion Brand's Microspun is notorious for doing that.


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