Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Random Tuesday

1. Yesterday I slept more than I was awake, though I did manage to work and visit with W.  But no blog, so I guess I'll post my updates today! :P

2. My WIPs are all coming along steadily.  I'm 95% done with my bead-along mitts, cast my second lifeline for my shawl (which I haven't shared yet :X) and ... well, I'm working on the socks. 

3.  The weather has been REALLY crummy every time W has come to visit, and I can't get anyone else to photograph my feet, so no nice photos of the socks yet.  I want to release the pattern on Friday, so fingers crossed that that will get done - but chances are I may have to wait until Monday.

4. I have fairytales on my brain... that's the current DAL theme! I'm going to do a post on it sometime this week, too! So many posts to write, so little time XD

5. You may notice the photos for this post are especially random.  Above is a cool embroidery I saw at the fair, and then at the top is a rainbow that graced our little street over the weekend.


  1. Cool peacock embroidery.

    I love rainbows. Ours here aren't usually very dark (bright?) so, it is hard to capture them on the camera.

  2. What a nice peacock.
    Good luck with the pattern!

  3. ha ha ha
    there are many days I am asleep more than I am awake,....
    nightshift plus over 50 now equal huge sleep needs!


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