Monday, August 8, 2011

My Random Monday - August 8th

1. I spent most of my weekend working on this:


Yes, a new project!! I was inspired by reading Wildflower Wool Knit's project.  It really is an exciting knit that keeps you on your toes.  Plus, the way this is knitting up, W will have new socks for the new school year.

2. Lilac is adjusting well. Her favorite thing has been the tasty greens that I can bring her from my mom's garden.  She also likes to sit in front of the fan - I mean, RIGHT in front - and close her eyes.  It looks like she's imagining being somewhere nicer.


3. Speaking of Lilac, I left her for 24 hours Saturday night and when I came back, she was SO mean to me. She would hop up to me, sniff my hand, then huff away. I'm still not out of the bun-house, even after giving her two treats and taking her outside to sun.

4.  My other weekend project!


Fruit Salad :)  I used half a honeydew melon, one mango, one kiwi, and two small apples.  The secret ingredient? Two tablespoons of lemon juice keeps the apples from oxidizing (The mom translation: "Getting all brown, gross, I'm not going to eat that.")

5.  My other Bead Along glove is going well, I've had pretty bad tremors so the threading went really bad until my mom showed my a really cool technique that just uses a needle and thread.  I think I'm going to put a tutorial up this week.


  1. Your skew sock looks great!

  2. 24 hours is a log time when you don't know what's going on. You know that you are coming back; she doesn't. I always feel back when we go out for more than half a day because the cats stress out when they see that it's dark and we are not back. On those few occasions when we are out a whole day we usually come back to a house littered with chunks of cat hair. :(

  3. Awesome sock! Looke like Lilac is chilling out in the heat!! Fruit salad looks yummy!! Interested in the tutorial :o)

  4. Aw, I'm jealous of your fruit salad :( I'm allergic to kiwi, so I can't eat it. Which sucks, because I really loved it before I became allergic. It was my favorite fruit. I like the sock so far. :)


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