Thursday, August 11, 2011

Essential Tools

Yesterday W and I went on an adventure to Rochester.  We travelled up Route 14 through the gorgeous Finger Lakes Area, and then, on the way back, WE STOPPED AT A YARN STORE.


Notice the box? It's a ball winder!

I also bought yarn for future projects, but the ball winder was especially useful today because the Skew sock is not cooperating - at least, the skein wasn't.



So I set up the winder in the only surface on the ranch that I could - the front porch.  It was quite romantic, winding yarn on the porch at sunset.  And at the end, I got my perfect ball!


Hopefully the yarn will cooperate from now on!


  1. NEAT!
    I like the yarn you got too :)

  2. I lived one summer in the Finger Lakes area of New York a few years ago. The Finger Lakes and the waterfalls in Ithaca were definitely highlights of an otherwise highly unpleasant summer. Sometimes I miss it, though....

    I'm glad you got your skein sorted out! And lots of pretty yarn, too! :)

  3. Ball winders can be so useful. I'm sure your yarn will cooperate now.

    I love the greens on the Pacific yarn. Will that be socks too?

  4. do you believe in spanking the yarn? ? It is harsh I know, but it helps

  5. Awesome! I love my ball winder, its the best tool ever.

  6. That is the exact same ball-winder I got for Christmas last year. It really does come in handy.


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