Thursday, August 18, 2011

Call to Contribute: Fall 2011 DAL Mood Board!

I'm so excited that the Fall 2011 DAL theme has been decided! This round's theme is Fairytale, and the mood board already has a ton of fairytale-themed pictures up on it - I'm hosting mine up on this blog post :)

So, "Why do I care," you ask? If you're a Ravelry member, go to the DAL group and do either of two things:
  1. Contribute a photo or image (if you so choose) to the mood board thread.
  2. Go to the mood board thread and click "love" underneath the images that you like.
Even if you don't want to participate by designing in the DAL, you can still do either of these two things.  This helps make the group funner for the people that DO participate, so please consider if you have any free time :)

And if you don't care, can you guess which fairytales I'm thinking of?  No checking the thread! :P

Oh - one more really important thing! Submissions for the mood board close August 28th.  So, if you want to contribute or vote, that's when that ends.

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