Thursday, July 7, 2011

Setbacks, Sidetracks!


Well, it's been a tough week in the room (which is my new nickname for my apartment here in NH :])

1. I lost my debit card, meaning I didn't get to buy my shiny nice things that I talked about in my last post.
2.  W left!
3.  I just found out that I made a simple mistake on my Pink Lemonade Socks and had to frog back the whole gusset!

But, on the bright side:
1. I got a new debit card, and the person who lifted it never got a chance to spend any of my money
2. I get to go on a me spree! I hope the bank isn't suspicious of me.
3.  W was here at all - I really had a great weekend, it's just watching him go that put me in a funk
4. While W was here, he inspired me and helped me overcome  problem I've been having on my DAL design!
5.  I got a Wii Fit, which has helped raise my serotonin levels and, let's face it, it's impossible not to smile when you're pretending to hula hoop and a fluffy rabbit is running around you in circles.
6.  I got a super nice blog award from Jordan of In It To Knit It :)

So, there, two nice things for every sad thing that's gotten me down!


  1. What you have knit on the socks looks great. I really like the pink.

  2. Sounds like things turned out well at the end :0)

  3. Pink socks look great already.....frogging, well it is just part of life eh?
    Good for you for seeing the glass half full this week!

  4. It's only a temporary setback with the socks and you'll be happy that you frogged even though it's a bummer now. They look good. :)


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