Monday, July 11, 2011

The Return of My Random Monday

1. Though, don't expect any good pictures until my camera charger returns.

2. Yesterday I went to the American Textile Museum with Angela - it was really great, I would definitely recommend it for people in the Lowell vicinity!

3. At said museum, I saw a bunch of amazing garments - they make me think of sweaters! Though I have to admit, I haven't made a sweater yet that I like...




4. There was also this, who is currently a prominent figure in my nightmares:

5. On top of the textiles, there was also some interesting Occupational Health stuff - of course, during the industrial revolution mills were pretty much the forefront of inhumane working conditions.  So, that was fun to learn about!

6. After the museum, we stopped off at Michael's and I bought some sock yarn for W, among other things... I just love the colorway!


7. I have an ulcer, so Lilac gets to eat all the tasty food that I'm not supposed to eat (Spinach, Cabbage...)  I made beets for dinner, and this happened:


I know it's kind of faded, but I washed the dickens out of them and they're still purple!


  1. You got some good photots of the garments! Was a good time :o)

  2. Jealous of your field trip - the dress in the top photo is amazing.

  3. Cool pictures from the museum and I love your new sock yarn!


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