Monday, July 25, 2011

My Random Monday - July 25th


1. The past week has flown by.  I've moved, cleaned out my apartment, gone into Boston... phew.  I feel like an itty bitty dandelion seed floating around in the wind.

2.  I'm surprised how well Lilac took the move.  She has definitely downsized, from my 300-square apartment to about a six square foot pen.  I think she's also a little transfer shocked.

3.  I went into Boston on Friday with W and my brother.  It was a seriously awesome experience! I have to admit, that's something I may miss about New Hampshire.  It cost quite a bit for the four of us to go in, then there was the food, tickets to the aquarium... but I didn't regret spending a single cent! :)

4.  In the same vein, I'm going to NYC this weekend to visit W and see the studio he works at.  I feel like such a globetrotter!

5.  Back to Boston... I saw this fish at the aquarium.


Doesn't he seem so happy? I dunno, for some reason his face reminds me of a baby's smile. Maybe I'm going senile.

6. W got WAAAAYYY better photos at the aquarium with his fancy DSLR.  He's really turning into a camera buff.

7.  Last but not least,  picture of my brother and his friend goofing off on 88 Saturday.



  1. love the heart cross stitch....lovely just lovely

  2. You've been busy! I think miss Lilac needs a rest now, or some munchies. She doesn't look like her usual perky self.

  3. Lilac is SOOOO adorable!


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