Monday, July 18, 2011

My Random Monday - July 18th

1.  Have you ever seen unwords?  That has been a fairly recent timesuck of mine.  Neologisms are great - I honestly think that the English language would be dead without them.  Seeing a word that goes from something that makes most people say "huh" to something everyone understands is pretty cool!

2. With that, I present my own neologism:

"chaussadisproprotiophobia" - n. - the fear that your socks are not the right length.


I have counted rows so many times I might be insane, but the row counts were the same yet the measurements were off between my two socks! So, I said the three magic words that every knitter says at some point:

3.  "It'll block out" - Knitterspeak for "I seriously can't be bothered to bother with this right now, I'm going to finish these up anyway because I'm probably not going to notice this mistake in a year (or twelve)." See also: "Giving up", "Picking battles", "Another glass of the nice wine, please"

4.  Another neologism:


"abstraphotomania" - n. - the intense desire to take artsy-looking photos of your F.O. 


These photos may be in black and white, but it is not necessary.  98% of these photos will be deleted, and 0% will actually end up in the pattern for said F.O.

5. "Congratulations?" - What you say to a student whose co-op has ended unexpectedly as she spends her fourth straight day in sweatpants.


  1. abstraphotomania - I definitely suffer from this!! So are you sans internship now?!?! Love the unwords site, I bookmarked it!

  2. No one will notice the sock discrepancy...they are just too lovely to be bothered with comparison.....who says our feet are the same length.

  3. Awwh! They're lovely :)
    I started on my own pair of socks yesterday, they're very difficult!

  4. The socks are done and beautiful! Length is irrelevant! :)

  5. You're getting no thanks from me for the Unword site. I can tell already that today's productivity will plummet because of that. :P

    Re: socks
    A friend of mine stopped counting rows long ago and now matches sock length visually. The control freaks will shudder, but it does work.

  6. You're like, the queen of socks!! How do you get through them so quickly? I've been trying to knit future hubby socks for our wedding and haven't even gotten through one! I mean, I love socks, but I have 2nd Sock Syndrome.

  7. Wish me luck! I'm going to embark on my first pair of socks, today!

  8. Do you have a pattern up for these?


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