Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hello, Hoomans!

Hello there! Lilac here, updating everyone on how I am doing since my lazy slave is too busy keeping to herself.  She spent all day today above my lair, staring at these things that she calls "soaks!"  Then, a while ago, she jumped up and held them up, and put them on her feet! Since then she's been walking around the room, pointing the orange light at herself and then looking at the photo-taker, saying things like "They aren't even!" and "Oh! I'm so pale!"


Anyway, I'm a rabbit, and I don't care about that stuff.  So I'm going to post up some pictures that I found on the compooter of ME!

This is me. I am not shy.  I pretend to be shy when the orange light shines near me! It's quite scary.  The orange light shines, and the photo-taker makes funny noises, and my slave goes "OH! SO CUTE!"  I don't think anyone can ever figure out why this happens, but it always happens in that order.

This is me going to hide in my lair.  My slave sleeps on top of my lair, but only I get to sleep in my lair.  If my slave tries to reach under my lair, I will tell her what's what and grunt and jump like I'm going to bite! I would never bite my slave, though, she is really a good slave, just not very smart.

This is my basket.  Grass goes inside of it.  I dump the grass out and my slave picks it up.  It is good, clean fun.

This box is mine.  A man knocked on the door and gave it to my slave, and I ran in circles and my slave set the box on the floor and emptied all these things out of it and now it's mine. Only I am allowed inside my box.  You are not allowed inside.

This is one of the pictures that my slave was taking of her soaks.  I did not approve of this, because my slave was not playing with me.

I told my slave what's what and tugged on her fur.  My slave sighed and said, "Oh, you're right, I'm going to have to block them out because I don't think the cuffs are even... I'll do that tomorrow."

Then my slave went back to sitting on my lair, and I allowed her to pet me while I snoozed.  She is quite the best slave a rabbit could ask for!


  1. Awww! Lilac, you are a cutie! Spike and Sweetpea are annoyed with their slave today too. She had the nerve to PEN THEM IN. It's okay, though, because they have had fun finding every way to escape. I think you would get along with them quite fine. :)

  2. Hi, Lilac! You are the cutest bunny and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Try to put up with your human; she means well, even if she doesn't get everything right. :)

  3. Love a day in the life of Lilac!! Too cute!!!


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