Sunday, June 19, 2011

WWKIP Day and On (Finally!) Being Moved In.


Yesterday was the WWKIP event in Nashua, and so I went to the park and met lots of lovely knitters from the city - which was great, because I still don't know a terrible amount of people! I also finished two sunflowers for my DAL design - I'm leaning towards the smaller one, I think the larger one will be a good coaster for my tea pot.

Then, I went to Wal*mart to stock up on supplies (like a camera cable!) and buy a carpet that Lilac fell in love with.  I think it might be the texture, but she likes to roll around it, dig at it, and get her paws  up along the side and mark it with her chin!


I don't know if it's the addition of the rug or the fact that we've been here for two (2!) weeks, but I finally feel like I'm in MY apartment, not, say, sleeping in some stranger's guest room.  I'm so happy that I got a studio instead of a one bedroom or a two bedroom (like my last co-op.) I could spend a whole blog post talking about that, but instead I'm going to show you pictures of my aptartment!

Tiny Kitchen

Not many people can pull off the "stuffed animals as throw pillows" look.

Organized chaos.

Lilac doesn't get to go outside, but she likes to listen to kids play in the picnic area.

Anyway, it's exciting to be working full time, and putting together my own furniture. I miss my friends and family (and knitting time) but, the experience so far has been worth it.


  1. We had our KIP yesterday as well. It is always a fun day and a great way for you to meet some new people.

  2. Awesome, love the Lilac pics!! I didn't know you were in Nashua ... I'm not that far from there!

  3. She is the cutest. I am sorry, but since you got Lilac I can barely concentrate on the knitting content. :P

  4. Sounds like Lilac (and you) are in the right place. Cute apartment. Love the piggy pillow!

  5. I just came across your blog, thanks to Andi, and I got so excited - your bunny is adorable! I'm a bunny-owner, too, and it's always fun to find a like-minded crafter!

  6. *SIGH* I want a bunny..........

    I went to the yarn shop in town on WWIP!! It was so much fun!


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