Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer Bead Along... Design!?

My internet friend over at Revelations of a Delusional Knitter is hosting a Summer Bead-Along! I'm excited to participate, because I've never tried beading, so I signed up!

Then I started to look on ravelry for beaded knit patterns - easy stuff, that I could start out on.  I found some, but they just didn't appeal to me.  So, I started thinking, and doodling. I came up with this:


Haha, I know, nothing.  When I doodle out designs in my notebook, I think at the same time.  So, sometimes the result doesn't make any sense unless you're me. Of course, if I ended up not making any solid decisions, but if I did, I would have recorded them more dutifully.  At first I thought I'd design some sort of lace shawl, but I couldn't think of what to do.  Then I thought that I needed beads that were larger, both because of my eyes and because my hands will benefit from larger needles.

So, I decided to make a "beaded argyle bag"  There will only be two colors, and the lines of the argyle will be beads :)  I went out to the store to get supplies after work, and I found the perfect beads to match the yarn that my friend Kate gave me!


I'm slightly tempted to go off restriction a few hours early, since I really want to start this! Anyway, if you're interested, the along goes all summer, but you need to find a pattern by tomorrow! Click the picture below for more information! :)

Oh, also, my friend Kate gave me this doodad.


I think it's used to string beads onto work, but that's just because I have beads on the brain... am I channeling the Little Mermaid, or does this have some other use that I'm totally missing?


  1. How cool that you are desining your project! I was thinking of that too for the design a long ... but figured I should try beading first, LOL!! You're brave!

  2. What you have there is a needle threader, put the open loop part thru the eye of the needle, put the thread or yarn, thru the loop, pull the loop back thru the needle and ta da! a threaded needle! If the thread or yarn is to thick for the needle it will not pull back thru or not very easily anyway. Good Luck,


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