Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Reporting in From Planet Earth!

The view from my patio
 I haven't blogged much because of my move, but I have to say I feel pretty well settled in.  Since I hurt my wrist last week spray painting patio furniture, I've been on knitting restriction until this Friday, which has been a real bummer until today, when the router arrived!

Lilac is also adjusting.  She's on restriction, too, because she loves to bite plastic and my blinds are plastic.  I'm also nervous she'll start marking - although she's still a baby.  So, I watch her while she's outside her pen.

Exploring the mess.
There are a few key things that my Mom is supposed to bring up this or next weekend (I'm not sure.)  The first is all my cooking supplies - pots, pans, etc.  The second is my stash (I miss the yarn already!).  I'm also hoping that in some of the boxes is my camera cord, because I've lost mine.  Thus the shoddy photos you're getting.

This is pretty much my apartment. Well, the furniture in it anyway.
Just know that wherever you go, and whatever you do, somewhere out there a bunny disapproves of it!



  1. You have a great view! Hope the wrist is better soon.

  2. Wow! Is that where you live? That is just awesome.
    And I am totally smitten with Lilac. I am petitioning for an "I am Lilac" blog, à la "Maru". He's cornered the cat market, but Lilac can take over the bunny market.

  3. Yep ... I disapprove is written all over Lilac's face.

    Congrats on the move. The view is WONDERFUL!

  4. OMG she is so cute! We have bunnies, we have a dog x-pen that they are let out in that way they don't chew or mark on anything (or if they do mark its on a tile floor).

  5. Lilac is so precious ; w;!!!! Lets hope she doesn't nom all the plastic >_>

    'Grats on the move!


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