Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The World Needs More Knitted Hedghogs


This post is brought to you by the Hampton Inn, where I'm staying while traveling for work.  I'm really tired but I thought I'd finally blog about this, because I've been keeping him in my bag to give me a smile every now and then!


I took these pictures last week, when it was sunny and nice out - can you tell?  Can we get back to that, please! It seems like the whole Northeast is covered with a cloud.


Anyway, I was thinking of making a few of these in different colors and selling them on Artfire.  Or just keeping them as my hoarde of hedgehogs! (I'm just kidding - a group of hedgehogs is called an array.)


I have the notes for him written up, but I'm thinking of having it tested and selling the pattern - but there are so many free hedgehog patterns out there that do really well, so there's a lot of competition! Maybe free for now?


  1. Yes, there are other hedgehog patterns already, but yours is SUPER-cute.

  2. Oh he's so precious! I wanna cuddle him up!

  3. Yes, I agree the world does need more of those cuties. I think the idea of different coloured ones is brilliant!

  4. Love him. There are patterns out there, but yours is unique. I think if priced right it would do well. I purchase patterns that are unique or different or provide support and sometimes they are better than the freebies. I'm sick of the rain and clouds too!!

  5. He' s adorable.. I want him. :O Great knitting


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