Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Socks Afire!


I finally had a spare moment to dig out my yarn needle and finish up these socks! I was ready to stitch the toes shut after riding shotgun to NH and back this weekend to look at apartments.




Pattern: Pomatomus by Cookie A.
Yarn: On Your Toes Sock Yarn
Pattern Modifications: Did only two pattern repeats before the heel flap to make the leg shorter - I think they make my feet seem kinda stubby, but they are SOO comfy!


I love these socks so much more than the Jaywalker socks I finished before.  I may be converted to the top-down sock camp - I didn't have to worry about a too-tight cuff cutting off the circulation to a perfectly good sock.  While I still wear the Jaywalkers once and awhile, I will wear these WAY more! And, I love the pattern.  I want to make a sweater for myself in this pattern! :B  Of maybe a stole? So many possibilities.



  1. yaay! Fabulous socks! Aren't they fun to knit? Also, thank you for organizing the DAL. the mood boards totally rock!

  2. Oh those look comfy! And the pattern is quite lovely! One of these days, I will stop being lazy and make myself a pair of socks.


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