Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My latest FO! Yay?

I finished my psuedo-mystery project last night, but I'm not very happy with him.  In fact, I'm kind of creeped out.


Is that the point, you may ask?  Uh, well, I guess.  It's supposed to be Pedobear.  I'm thinking of burning him - it's better than having him stare at me all day.  W has offered to take him (like he takes all of my misfit toys.)


Just goes to show what bad embroidery can do, I guess.


  1. /dying of laughter
    OMG. My hero xD
    I think he came out pretty damn good.

  2. Why don't you like him? I think he's damn cute.

  3. I think you do a good job on him. He is cute.

  4. I think he's cute, he looks a little surprised that's all!

  5. I think he would have been a lot better if the body was more filled out. Pedobear is a little bit chunkier in most pics ive seen.

  6. If he wasn't sneaking around the sofa, he probably wouldn't be so creepy. LOL I think he's adorable.

  7. Haha! He's fantastic! Literally the best present ever for any child!


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