Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Little Color In Rochester

First off, the theme for the Design Along is Garden! So, get on down to this thread and post a photo for the mood board by next Sunday if you want to contribute - it should be a lot of fun.


And speaking of fun (and gardens) - the Lilac festival is in full bloom (excuse the pun) and yesterday W and I braved the rain to go on a triple date and see some of the gorgeous flowers.  Last year, the festival was kind of a downer because warm weather had brought the flowers weeks before, so all we got to view were the remnants of flowers! But this year, some of the blooms had only just begun to open.  If we can overcome this gloomy, rainy weather then things will be gorgeous - of course, I will have moved out by then :(

But here are some photos anyway :)




I love looking at all the different flowers - especially the darker lilacs and the compound ones (like the photo directly above).  They don't really look like what you would think a "Lilac" is, do they?

On top of the gorgeous flowers, it is a festival - with food, vendors, and food!



We ate freshly made crepes, limeade, and a turkey leg! There's nothing like sitting under a tree on a rainy day with the one you love, eating a giant smoked turkey leg together (tasty, but not my idea of romance!)  Even so, it's more romantic than this:


The sign says "Roast Beef Sunday" - I know it's a little dark, it was in the food tent, which has the ambience of a dark bar but only serves a small amount of alcohol and there are way more strollers.  But something very romantic did happen...

W bought me this.


We were at the 4H tent, which was a combination candy sale and petting zoo (hey, what works, right?) and I was squealing over the lionhead rabbits that were there.  A little boy told me that they were for sale - $10.  Warren bought her without even batting an eye! It was very spontaneous, and she is the most adorable princess bunny.

Apparently they were a 4H project, and the parents of the kids only wanted to keep one.  So, Lilac came home with us.  We are now a family of 4!


  1. Awwww, I love Lilac! She is adorable with the fluffy mohawk.

    And the other lilacs are gorgeous, too. :)

  2. Oh those Lilac flowers are so gorgeous!

    And widdle bunny!Lilac is precious. I want to snuggle her :3

  3. Oh my gosh --- she is ADORABLE!

    I love the lilac pictures. By far, they are my favorite flower. Unfortunately, they don't grow here. :-(

  4. Lovely lilacs! What a cute bunny! We have a few at home, they are funny. I love turkey legs. I usually go to the mideval festival every year ... mostly for the turkey leg and beer, LOL!


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