Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Clock is Winding Down...

I'm a little freaked out that I have a little more than two weeks before I'm outta here, and trying to find an apartment in my new temporary home.  It's very crazy, and I've got a lot of things on my checklist before I move out... besides the regular, school stuff I'm trying to finish up all the food we have in the pantry, and of course, knitting goals.

Number one is the moose puppet for W.  I have a sinking feeling if this isn't done... it will never get done! It will be hard to work together when we're so far apart!

Second is to write up and compile my notes for the Cat Bus.  I barely have them all in one place, and I feel like they're another project that won't survive the move - something will get shuffled around, or misplaced, or accidentally thrown out.


In the spirit of all that makes sense, I've simultaneously cast on two new projects.  One is a doll that's lying in pieces on my counter - It'll be a free pattern, and I'm a little nervous about releasing it.  Well, you'll see.


And the other is an Estonian lace shawl... ette? I haven't decided yet.  I saw a gorgeous pattern on the internet, and decided I wanted half of one.  So this project was conceived... not sure how well it will go, especially considering there's a crochet edging *gulp*.  I'm sure I can design it out.

Anyway, that's what I'm up to... how about you?


  1. Sounds like you've got your hands (and needles) full!

  2. That's a lot of knitting for someone who is also packing and house hunting. Good luck!

    I am curious about the moose puppet and the doll.

  3. I hope the moving goes well. That is a lovely shawl!

  4. I totally understand! I'll be graduating college (no more school EVAAAR!) a week from Saturday and I'm terrified! I have to be an adult now? NOooooo!

    I'm also staying in my college town rather than moving back home. So instead of being near my family during the toughest time of life (So far) I'll be 6 hours away...good thing I'm getting married...

    Good luck in your endeavors! Keep us updated! I love your little knitted thingamabobs!

  5. Good luck with the packing and puppet knitting. The shawl pattern and colour look great!


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