Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Things have not been going my way.  I have been stressed out, sleepless, sick, and I just found out that I owe the government $2,500 because my father claimed me as a dependent.

So, yeah, things are a bit down at camp Alyssa.  I went through the pantry today to figure out how long we can go without buying food (you know you have it bad when...).


  1. Hope things are looking up soon.

  2. -sends you lots of hugs- I hope things get better hun!

  3. So sorry to hear about the ugly IRS surprise. That is not fun. I know how things can be, I put myself through college, often with only a few dollars to make the week. PM me, I have something to send along to you.

  4. Oh that stinks! Hope things start looking up.

  5. That sucks about the taxes. I hope you can get some help with that.


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