Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Now THIS is Weather!


Today was balmy, warm, and gorgeous.  I spent my break between classes sitting on a comfy couch and eating crummy Mexican food, then I finished this...


... and started this. 


Does anyone else hate that time in between socks? I always try to cast on for the next sock when I finish the first... if I'm not doing two-at-a-time to avoid this madness all together.

Oh, and what's that? Can you see it!?!



Flowers! Horray!

This nice weather lasted for the day... right now, it's pouring and we have a tornado watch.  Yesterday? Rain.  Tomorrow? Rain. I love listening to the sound of rain come through the open window, while I snuggle in a quilt and drink cocoa :)

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  1. Awesome! I like a rainy day here and there, but at this point, I think we've only had 3 sunny days in April so far, LOL!


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